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​​Workspace K12/Naviance is a database system that helps​
​our students in the sometimes overwhelming college selection/application process.

Getting Started 

K12/Naviance ​is a college research and application​ tracking tool; as well as a way for the BHS Counseling Office to communicate with you about important events such as college visits, scholarships, and test preparation. Students and parents can access Family Connection, the student/parent portal, from school or home to assist them in the college/career selection process. With Family Connections, students and parents can research colleges nationwide, create a list of schools that interest them, and browse and apply for the large number of scholarships that come through our office. If you do not have your account information, please contact the counseling office at 720-561-5753 or stop by the Response Desk in the Counseling Office.

Colleges that Interest You  

​What to do first:
Read the freshman admissions section on the college’s individual website or in their catalog.
Check requirements needed-ACT, SAT I, SAT II testing, academic units, letters of recommendation and personal essays.
College Admissions Deadlines:
Deadlines are different for each college - note dates for admissions, housing, scholarship, and financial aid. Be aware of when application materials need to be postmarked.
Completing Applications:
The vast majority of college applications must be completed online directly through the college website.
Follow all directions exactly. 
Some colleges have you print a form that requires a counselor signature.

Recommendation Information  

​Applications Requiring Teacher Recommendations:
Students should contact the teacher as soon as they know a recommendation is needed.
An updated resume on Naviance will be beneficial to all who will be writing recommendations.
Teachers request a recommendation questionnaire be complete prior to writing the letter. This questionnaire is available on Naviance.
Request the recommendation a minimum of three (3) weeks prior to the due date. 
The teacher will submit the recommendation directly to the college via Naviance.
Applications Requiring Counselor Input or Recommendations:
If the college requires a letter of recommendation from a counselor, students must complete the Letter of Recommendation questionnaire in Naviance. Counselors must be given a minimum of 3 weeks to complete any letter of recommendation. Many applications completed through the Common Application require a letter of recommendation by a teacher and/or Counselor.

Common Application:

For colleges that use the Common Application, students must complete the “Important Privacy Notice for Common Application” release form in Family Connections on Naviance before we are able to release the electronic transcript. Select the “College” tab, and then select “Colleges I’m Applying To”. The privacy notice will appear on the screen. You must know your Common Application user name and password to complete this form.

Sending Applications & Acceptance  

Sending Information:
Allow 14 days for the application to be processed through the Counseling office
Go to Counseling and fill out Transcript request form; cost for transcripts is $4.00 (first and final). If paying by check, make check payable to BHS.
It is not necessary to wait for ACT/SAT test scores before applying.


Once you have received acceptance notification from the college/colleges, come to the Counseling Office and fill out the “College Acceptance Log”. Also, update Naviance under the College tab “Colleges I’m applying to”, then scroll down to the list of colleges. Click the college then click the edit (pencil) and change the “Results” to Accepted.
Colleges communicate directly with the applicant.