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Counselors & Staff

The counselors at Broomfield High School are always available to give social & emotional support to all students helping them to persevere through challenging times.  Students and/or parents/guardians can make an appointment with their counselor by sending them an email @ or calling the counseling desk at 720-561-5753.  Students can also drop in to speak with the counselor-on-duty before or after school, during an off period, or during lunch, preferably not during class so as to not miss instructional time. 

Meet Our Counseling Department

Gina Malecha


Eileen Bauer


James Greene


Heather Haskell


Tawni Heuton


Marissa Zufall


Students and guardians are welcome to contact any administrator or counselor, but to ensure each student has a specific admin-counselor pairing, we use the alpha list below (alpha by last name). If you are not already working with a specific admin or counselor, we ask that you contact the appropriate person(s) below.

A-D: Kathryn Gambardella (Assistant Principal) & Heather Haskell (Counselor)

E-I: Ginger Ramsey (Principal) & James Greene (Counselor)

J-N: Nick Barnes (Assistant Principal) & Gina Malecha (Counselor)

O-R: Nick Barnes (Assistant Principal) & Stacey Fair (Counselor)

S-Z: Craig Boccard (Athletic Director & Assistant Principal) & Marissa Zufall (Counselor)

High school counselors spend a lot of their time helping students make sure their course selections are aligned with their goals for after they graduate. In particular, counselors assist students in researching post-graduation opportunities such as college or professional training. When students apply to colleges, they often seek guidance from their counselors on how to complete the application, what to write about for their admission essay, and who to get letters of recommendation from. Counselors also continue the work with students on their social and emotional development, study skills, decision making, problem solving, and resiliency.