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Web 2.0 Tools

​​​Working on a class project or presentation?  You've come to
the place! Select a link below to get started on your next entertaining A+.​ 

  1. Animoto - Create customized SLIDESHOWS using your pictures and music!  (free but only 30 seconds long). 
  2. Audacity - Use this SOUND EDITOR to record and edit SOUNDS. 
  3. Comic Generator - Create your own COMIC STRIP. 
  4. Delicious - Organize your favorite BOOKMARKS with this free tool! 
  5. Digital Vaults - Primary source documents from the national archives.  Create a COLLAGE focused on a time period in history. 
  6. Extranewspapers - Create a NEWSPAPER format for a project or for FUN! 
  7. GeoGuessr - EXPLORE the world by guessing where you are based on the google picture. 
  8. Jing - Capture and share pictures/videos from your computer. This is a great site to create a "HOW TO" VIDEO. 
  9. Padlet - A Digital Wall to POST anything you want on the internet (like post-its in a digital setting). 
  10. Powtoon - Create ANIMATED VIDEOS and presentations. 
  11. Prezi - A free tool to PRESENT information and different from Powerpoint. 
  12. Screenr - Web-based screen RECORDER with ability to share. 
  13. Symbaloo - ORGANIZE your frequently visited sites and apps on your desktop with tiles. 
  14. Voicethread - Create a SLIDESHOW using your own narration.  Share your work and comment on others. 
  15. Webs - Create your project in a WEBPAGE format.  Super easy! 
  16. Windows Movie Maker - Make a MOVIE using sound and even your own voice! 
  17. Wordle - WORD CLOUD GENERATOR.  Great for poetry, cards and vocabulary. 
  18. Zamzar - A free tool for CONVERTING FILES.