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Looking for a good book?

​​​​Check out these student recommendations​ for your next read!​​
Emmie Reading.jpg 
 by John Flanagan
Read and reviewed by Emmi:
"If you love fantasy, action, adventure, and mystery you will love this book! It was funny and full of surprises."
by Dai Sijie and Ina Rilke
Read and reviewed by Megan:
 "I loved Sijie's humor throughout and his well developed characters.  Although depressing at some points, Sijie's cynical humor and cliffhangers will make you want a sequel."
Rhett reading.jpg
by Charlie Higson
Read and reviewed by Rhett:
"For die-hard survivalist fans and people looking for a good, scary book to read, this one is a MUST HAVE.  I liked the sheer fear, story of kids surviving with one another, and brotherhood, also.... it has ZOMBIES!!"