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Every job and career deals with providing a good or service to satisfy people’s needs and wants; therefore, every job that every student pursues is a business. Broomfield High School’s business classes complement any and every career path or interest. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that the number one college major for both men and women is Business.

Broomfield High School offers comprehensive college-oriented business classes, which allow students the opportunity to begin evaluating a potential career in business or the selection of Business as a major or minor in college.  Students are encouraged to join Future Business Leaders of ​America (FBLA) and compete in business competitions at the district, state, and national levels.​​

To meet BVSD graduation requirements in 2010 and beyond, students need 5 credits in Computer Science or Applied Technology; if this requirement is fulfilled in grades 6–8, 5 credits in various Business, Consumer and Family Education, Computer Science, Applied Technology, or Technical Education will meet this requirement.  The courses offered in this department fulfill the Practical Arts graduation requirements. The finance and business management courses also satisfy the BVSD financial literacy (PFL) graduation requirement.

Note: Please view the Class Fees page for information on any fees associated with classes, as not all fees listed in the course catalog are assessed.

Money Management & Personal Finance

To meet BVSD graduation requirements, students must have evidence of a 12-hour course in Money Management and Personal Finance unless fulfilled through another district approved course.

Business Courses

Meet our Business Teacher

Kathleen Colwell

Job Title: Teacher

Kelly Walter

Job Title: Teacher