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Academics at Broomfield High School

We have a strong academic reputation and one of the most comprehensive programs in the state, with nearly 20 AP courses available to students across multiple disciplines and grade levels. The AP program allows students the freedom to follow their passion, in whatever discipline(s) they choose. There are no specific set courses that must be taken for AP recognition at graduation.

We offer four world languages—Spanish, French, German, and American Sign Language—from levels 1 through 4 and Advanced Placement (year 5 for French and Spanish). 

Additional Information

Departments, Course Catalog, and Academic Honors:

  • Each Academic Department at Broomfield High has its own page listing information about the department, course listings, teaching staff, and graduation requirements. 
  • The Course Catalog is also available as a resource listing all the courses offered at Broomfield High this school year as well as next school year.
  • The criteria for BHS Academic Honors are listed within the Student Handbook.

Classes Elsewhere: at Boulder TEC, CU, Front Range, or Online

As a student at Broomfield High School, there are many opportunities to follow your interests and take classes outside of our school earning graduation credits as well as possible college credits. For more information, please contact the counseling office.