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Matthew Lay Teacher/ Webmaster

Language Arts Coach Boys Soccer  

I have been teaching at Broomfield High School since the Fall of 2010. Like many teachers here, I am also a graduate of BHS. After high school, I earned a Bachelor's degree in English and history from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. I stayed at UCCS for two more years to complete an MA in history, and then I moved north to CU Boulder for an MA in Education. Currently, I am teaching Advanced 10th Grade Lit & Comp, Newspaper, and Yearbook. Additionally, I work with the boys' soccer team, the horizontal jumpers on the track team, Google tools, as well as the school's webpage. Away from BHS I enjoy reading and learning; I love traveling and spending time with friends and engaging in any kind of competition.​

 Courses Taught

Advanced 10 Lit & Comp.

 Class Schedule

​​​1- Plan

2- Newspaper

3- Advanced 10th L&C

4- Yearbook

5- Advanced 10th L&C

6- Plan

7- Advanced 10th L&C