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For a transcript to be considered “official”, the transcript 
​must be stamped with the Broomfield High School seal, signed with an authorized signature, and mailed from the high school. ​​
Official vs. Unofficial Transcripts​

Transcript request forms are available in the counseling office.   Students may order up to 6 transcripts per form.  Please indicate on the form the college/university name or the scholarship name and the city and state where it is located. 

Please bring $2.00 for the first transcript and $2.00 for every subsequent transcript. 

Current Students

An Official Transcript cost is $2.00 each. In order to eliminate seniors having to order the end of year transcript to their college of choice, seniors will be charge a one-time fee of $4.00 to cover the first transcript and final transcript.
Transcript Request Form​​


Send a request with Name at the time of graduation, Year of Graduation, where transcript needs to be mailed, $2 processing fee. Send to our Counseling Secretary, Donna’s Attention, Broomfield High School, #1 Eagle Way, Broomfield, CO 80020