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Broomfield High School




​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Over the years, we at Broomfield have prided ourselves on our outstanding athletic achievements and capability.  Our school has taken a huge step in the right direction and has performed strongly overall. School spirit runs deep with each team and our Eagle P​ride is evident in everything we do. ​


Spring Sports (Baseball, Girls' Golf, Girls' Soccer, Boys' Swimming, Girls' Tennis, Track & Field)

Online Registration: Here is the link. Please be sure to print your receipt, and bring a CURRENT physical to Mrs. Orvis.

Try-Outs: Begin February 26th, 2018. Please visit the specific sports' websites to see times and locations or contact the head coach.

Mandatory Parent-Athlete-Coaches Meeting: March 7th at 6pm in the Auditorium. It is imperative that at least one parent attend with their child (practices will be modified to attend) as you will receive important information from me as well as specific information from your coach as you break into sport specific classrooms.  If you attended a meeting in the fall and or winter, you are still required to attend the spring meeting if your child is playing a winter sport.

Academic Eligibility: This information will be outlined in further detail at the parent-athlete-coach meetings at the beginning of each season.

Broomfield High School pulls academic eligibility on a weekly basis. When a student has more than one F, they are ineligible for that week. If a student has one F in the same class for two weeks in a row, they will be ineligible that week.

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors beginning the school year with more than one F, will be ineligible to participate in contests per CHSAA guidelines until the regain date in October. Freshmen begin the school year with a clean slate.

Additionally, at the conclusion of the fall semester, all students with more than one F will be ineligible to participate in contests per CHSAA guidelines until the regain date in March.

​Athletics Information & Contacts​
Sports Offered, Start Dates, Contact Information
​​Front Range League Calendar​
iew and subscribe to this calendar fo​r updates/cancellations.

District Athletic Code of ​​Conduct​
Please refer to page 18.



Student Athlete Information{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Student Athlete Information​​Important concussion, accident insurance and other information for student athletes and their parents. 
Registration & Fees{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Registration & Fees​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In order to participate on the first official day of practice, registration must be complete and all fees





Baseball{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Baseball​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​For many years, baseball has been an elite sport at our school.<img alt="" src="/AandA/PublishingImages/basdf.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Boosters{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Boosters​​​​​Broomfield Boosters are a non-profit organization founded<img alt="" src="/academics/PublishingImages/hospitality.jpg" width="248" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Boys Basketball basketball.aspx basketball.aspx{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Boys Basketball​Head Coach Terrence Dunn has had a successful career as<img alt="" src="/AandA/PublishingImages/lel.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Boys Golf{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Boys Golf​​​​​The boys g​olf season starts before school gets going. The boys<img alt="" src="/AandA/PublishingImages/golfff.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Boys Lacrosse{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Boys LacrosseBecause our school does not provide a Lacrosse program, the athletes​<img alt="" src="/AandA/PublishingImages/monarch.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Boys Soccer{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Boys Soccer​​​​​​​​Soccer is a dominant sport at the school and has had a competitive reputation for many years.<img alt="" src="/AandA/PublishingImages/boyssoccerasdf.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Boys Swim & Dive{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Boys Swim & Dive<img alt="" src="/AandA/PublishingImages/colin.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Boys Tennis{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Boys Tennis<p>​​​​​​</p><img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/tanis.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Cheerleading{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Cheerleading<br><br><div>Broomfield Cheer has been known for pumping up the crowds at sporting <span style="text-align:center;">events</span></div><br><br><img alt="" src="/AandA/athletics/PublishingImages/Cheer%202018.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Cross Country{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Cross Country​​Our team is stacked with elite runners who train year round and excel in every race of the season. <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/xc.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Football{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Football​​Football brings the community together every Friday night in the fall, and the bond the team creates amongst​<img alt="" src="/AandA/PublishingImages/fooball.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Girls Basketball{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Girls Basketball<div>The Broomfield Girls Basketball program is one of the most storied in all of Colorado High School Basketball. <br></div><img alt="" src="/AandA/PublishingImages/ballislife.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Girls Golf{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Girls Golf​​​​Our Girls Golf team has produced many great golfers who have gone onto college to continue their passion.​<img alt="" src="/AandA/PublishingImages/girlgolfs.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Girls Soccer{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Girls Soccer​​The reputation of the girls soccer program is one that is highly respected and extremely<img alt="" src="/AandA/PublishingImages/girlssoc.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Girls Swim & Dive{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Girls Swim & Dive​​Our girls swim and dive team is known for its welcoming atmosphere and supportive community.<img alt="" src="/AandA/PublishingImages/swam.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Girls Tennis{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Girls Tennis<img alt="" src="/AandA/PublishingImages/atennis.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Gymnastics{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Gymnastics​Leading up to the season in the fall, the gymnastics team trains all summer to become<img alt="" src="/AandA/PublishingImages/amflag.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Hockey{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Hockey​​Because our school does not provide its own hockey team, athletes can compete as a district under<img alt="" src="/AandA/athletics/PublishingImages/hockey.jpeg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Poms{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Poms<div>The Broomfield Pom teams are competitive dance teams dedicated to providing excellent game day environments and encouraging school spirit amongst the Broomfield Community.</div><img alt="" src="/AandA/athletics/PublishingImages/Team3.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Registration & Fees{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Registration & Fees​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In order to participate on the first official day of practice, registration must be complete and all fees<img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/pageicon.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Skiing{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}SkiingBecause our school does not specifically provide a skiing program, athletes<img alt="" src="/AandA/athletics/PublishingImages/skiing.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Softball{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Softball​​The softball program has had a reputation for being one of the most competitive teams in the state. <img alt="" src="/AandA/PublishingImages/stball.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Student Athlete Information{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Student Athlete Information​​Important concussion, accident insurance and other information for student athletes and their parents.  <img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/pageicon.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Track & Field{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Track & Field​​For many generations, Broomfield Track & Field has had a reputation of elite<img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/track.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Volleyball{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}VolleyballWelcome to Broomfield High School Volleyball, a 5A program in the Front Range League. <br><br><img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/volley.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />
Wrestling{bc04232b-d265-4ee9-aee6-40b2fb800546}Wrestling​Wrestling has a well respected and intense reputation in the school. Practices<img alt="" src="/SiteCollectionImages/wrastle.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />