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Broomfield High School Cheer Home


Broomfield Cheer has been known for pumping up the crowds at sporting events

using their enthusiasm, unique stunts, advanced tumbling, and crowd involved cheers.  However, recently they have gained a competitive edge that represents the elite reputation of Broomfield Athletics. ​During the 2013-2014 season, the team won the 2013 4A Spirit State Championships and also placed in the top fifteen at the 2014 UCA High School Nationals in Orlando, Florida.  Since the start of the 2014-2015 season, the team has been honored to host 2-5 talented male athletes who have taken the program down a new co-ed path.  Since then, they have continued to make State Finals and placed sixth at the 2017 NCA High School Nationals in Dallas, Texas, the highest nationals placement the program as seen since its inception.  
For many years, the program has been known for their contributions to the community.  Whether it is hosting the Junior Cheer Clinic in the fall for future eagles or volunteering at soup kitchens and local elementary schools, the team positively contributes to the school’s reputation of charity and support.​​​​ Cheer HomeEagle Cheer Home






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