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Ultimate Frisbee

En Fuego

 En Fuego

Students interested in playing a club sport at BrHS should consider Ultimate Frisbee.
The En Fuego Ultimate Team has been active at BrHS for over a decade.

For those unfamiliar with Ultimate, it is a team field sport played with end-zones like football.  A catch in the end-zone awards a point to the receiving team.  There is no running with the disc.  A team advances the disc up field with completed passes and a turnover occurs on an incomplete pass, a throw out of bounds or a stall when the disc is held for more than a ten count.  It requires stamina like soccer, wide receiver and defensive back talents like football and guarding skills like basketball.  All this combined with the unique flight characteristics of a flying disc.  It is a non (intentional) contact sport and is unique in that it is self officiated.  Ultimate has been approved by the International Olympic governing body and will likely be played in the 2024 Olympics.  

En Fuego participates in the COHS Ultimate league playing other high school teams from the area.  In the fall, practices are M-Tu-W after school at Broomfield Commons.  Practice are on the north field at the school in the spring.  Games are played on Thursday.  The league is coed in the fall with girls and boys teams in the spring.  The team is coached by volunteer men and women who founded teams and or played ultimate at the collegiate level.  Many still play on area club teams.  They bring significant knowledge of and passion for the sport to the players. 

For more information visit our website: or email us